A stock photo that looks like misty forest full of tall, thin trees, with a few treetops visible and fallen green branches on the forest floor.

Len Burns

I value family, friends and my community above all else. I show up when I am able, usually quietly. I am not interested in recognition, only supporting those I love.

In the professional realm I have been an LMFT in California for over 30 years, and for about the last 10 years a digital accessibility consultant working mostly in higher education.

I strongly believe that users of adaptive technology should be able to attend college if they wish without a degree in engineering just to survive. I love and hate technology, but could not easily conduct life without it.

I cannot imagine life without cats, I find them far more straight forward than most humans. My blindness resulted from bilateral retinoblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. I am an RB-1 mutation survivor. (This is a club for which nobody signs up and you can never leave.)

When I am not working, which does happen now and then, I love walking on the beach where I enjoy recording the surf, and wandering alone on paths through the trees near where I live.

Over the years I have been an avid baker (mostly of bread), have dabbled in knitting, origami, and when life has permitted, may also be found enjoying a long, hard run, by myself (unless I am training for an event).

I can be found on: LinkedIn, Facebook, and most recently: